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The Alice Sanctuary

By Monika Zwilling on September 15, 2019

Featured until December 31, 2019

From thealicesanctuary.com

The Alice Sanctuary provides care and healing for rescued/surrendered/abandoned farm animals. Drawing from the resiliency and life-affirming presence of the animals who live here, the goal of The Alice Sanctuary is to empower, encourage, and inspire visitors to find the tools they need to go out and make a positive change in the world around them. 

Our Vision

The Alice Sanctuary will promote an atmosphere of compassion and empathy for animals through advocacy, education, and inspiration. By engaging with people participating either in one of our integrative programs or joining our volunteer program, we will foster a sense of empowerment, and encourage our visitors to find the tools they need to go out and make a change in the world around them, whether it be for animals, people, the environment, or all of these.

The Alice Sanctuary will endeavour to be as self-sustaining and eco-friendly as possible.

We will fundraise, apply for grants, and depend on individual donations. We will ask for everyone who is involved with the Alice Sanctuary, including our volunteers and group visitors, to be as participatory as possible and as per comfort level. We will never ask individuals or groups to be involved in situations that require training, expertise, or experience.

Our hope is that every person who experiences the Alice Sanctuary will come away with a new awareness, a new sense of empowerment and hope for themselves, and a new level of compassion.


Visit The Alice Sanctuary's website to see how you can get involved. Volunteer, donate or empower yourself today!