Stone Meanings

By Monika Zwilling on August 1, 2019

Amazonite encourages open mindedness, confidence, communication, creativity, and peace. It is said to inspire truth, honesty, honour and positive self love.

Black Stone offers protection and grounding. 

Blue Spot Stone inspires hope and tranquility.

Blue Sunstone, flecked with sparkles of copper, is said to be the stone of confidence and ambition. It encourages motivation and drive, and is positive and uplifting. 

Cherry Blossom Jasper inspires physical strength and energy and brings the courage to face difficult tasks.

Citrine is said to stimulate personal power and creativity. 

Green Aventurine is said to invite luck, wealth and abundance into your life.

Indian Agate is said to assist with meditations, while promoting strength and emotional security.

Lapis Lazuli is said to be the stone of power, wisdom, and truth.

Lava assists with grounding.

Moss Agate which is said to provide balance and reduce stress. 

Natural Violet Stone encourages you to focus on using and following your intuition. 

Norwegian Labradorite is said to encourage transformation, change, and encourage strength and perseverance - all things required when living a compassionate life. 

Pink Rhodonite inspires emotional healing, relationships, and using your heart.

Rose Quartz is said to promote compassion, peace, tenderness and healing.

Smoky Quartz is said to be the stone of protection and stability. It can also reduce tension, anxiety, and negative thoughts.

 Snowflake Obsidian is said to be the stone of purity. It can help cleanse your body, mind, and spirit of negative energies and provide balance. 

Turquoise creates a welcome oasis in a spiritual desert, linked to life-giving elements of water and air, that creates peace and steadiness on your journey. 

White Howlite inspires calming, helps with deep sleep, and increases insight.

Wood provides grounding and strength.

Zebra Stone is said to stimulate physical energy and increase stamina and endurance. Help the body be grounded with this beautiful, natural stone and radiate your strength to those around you.